The Portuguese Organization of Architects is the Portuguese public organization for the architects’ profession and architecture.
It was created in 1998, through Decree-Law no. 176/98, of July 3rd, being a faithful depositary of a long association history whose formal origin goes back to 1863, representing all those who practice the profession of architect in Portugal - more than 20 000 Portuguese and foreign - and regulating the respective exercise.

In the same way, it promotes and defends architecture inside and outside borders.
OA has its national headquarters in Lisbon and regional offices in Oporto and Lisbon, where the respective North Regional Section North and South Regional Section operate. It also has Delegations and Nuclei throughout the Country.
By promoting and defending better conditions for the profession of architect, the Portuguese Organization of Architects seeks to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the environment built in Portugal, as a right and common good of

all Portuguese people.