AMAG is an international publisher that carefully conceives, edits and designs publications

and complementary services on architecture, design and contemporary art, through several lines of work: magazine; books; exhibitions curating, design, assembly and creation of architecture and art interventions; graphic design, visual identity, sign systems and merchandising. 

With a highly conceptual approach, each project reveals a new challenge and unveils a new opportunity and experience to get close to the authors and produce unique and significant works target to the highest possible standards.

Offering unimaginable flood of contents, AMAG Publisher brings together authors, technicians, and artists who stand for quality and tenacity in their own right, with a special graphic design. 

Based on the passion for communication and our aim to embrace and support subjects as design, architecture, art and social concerns, we develop singular and special publications. True to our founding principles, each title and production has a unique approach based on values and significant contents to challenge, satisfy and most of all, inspire you.

Launched on 2011 December, in the sequence of DARCO magazine end project,

AMAG magazine is a technical magazine of architecture founded by the co-founder of DARCO's magazine,

aiming to be a working tool and support to the practice of architects and architecture students.


Published in  three languages (Portuguese, English, French or Deutsch),  

AMAG magazine is currently available to acquisition ON-LINE and physically on the major national bookstores

 such as FNAC, Leitura, Bertrand or Almedina and in approximately 1000 sale points around the world

like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Finland, France, German, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherland, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA, 

assured by IDEA BOOKS (international distributor located at the Netherlands). 

Recognizing that an architecture magazine has the duty to disseminate architecture works,

we consider it is our mission to go further,

being also our job to promote the execution of activities that promote and spread architecture.